Course information

The Histopathology courses are delivered through the combination of the ST1 Teaching Programme and the local FRCPath.

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Local FRCPath

The main assessment for UK pathology training is the Fellowship Examination of the Royal College of Pathologists (FRCPath). There are two parts to the examination, and trainees are only awarded Fellowship status of the Royal College of pathologists when they have successfully completed both parts. The examination is an assessment of a candidate’s training programme, […]

ST1 Teaching

On the Yorkshire Histopathology Training Scheme (South) we aim to deliver excellence in histopathology specialty training. On offer is a diverse and practical training experience, which draws upon the expertise from a range of hospitals within the localities. Our goal is to attract enthusiastic and committed individuals, and train them to the highest standard. This […]

Study Leave

Study Leave Guidance for Histopathology Students The following is a brief outline of entitlement for study leave for our students. A more in depth look at study leave and annual leave can be found in our 2014 training handbook. Access to education and training away from the workplace is an integral part of the Personal […]

Ophthalmic Pathology

Case  HM-24 Case HM-25 case 304

Cardiovascular pathology

Case KS 41 Case KS 42 Case KS 43 Case KS 44 Case KS 45 Case KS 46 Case KS 47 Case KS 48 Case KS 49 Case KS 50