ST1 Teaching

On the Yorkshire Histopathology Training Scheme (South) we aim to deliver excellence in histopathology specialty training. On offer is a diverse and practical training experience, which draws upon the expertise from a range of hospitals within the localities. Our goal is to attract enthusiastic and committed individuals, and train them to the highest standard. This will prepare them to become senior doctors, both within the Yorkshire region and the wider health community.

The Yorkshire and Humber Deanery (YHD) has two training programmes in histopathology, operating under the jurisdiction of The School of Pathology: West\East/North and South. The Southern trainees complete most of their training at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital (RHH) – Sheffield, but on occasions, are required to undertake attachments at other hospital sites in the locality. The trainees within the YHD (South) rotate at specified times of the training year but they are mainly based at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital.  When they rotate, this will be as per their training/Stage requirements, in agreement with the TPD.

The 2010 curriculum is long and detailed. Its key features include: 60 months minimum training time, Optional packages, Autopsy (3 months), Cervical cytology (3 months), Research methodology (3 months), Up to 69 months training time for those taking three optional packages, Single exam for histology and diagnostic cytology, Modular exams for autopsies and cervical cytology, Minimum of twelve months in Stage D (currently this is flexed in practice), Independent training and examination systems for, Paediatrics, Neuropathology and Forensic Pathology

The ST1 programme follows a well-established course, all centred at the Royal Victoria Infirmary. Following a period of induction the trainee can expect to embark on a series of attachments covering all the major specialties. Teaching at this stage is concentrated on basic principles of disease and covers normal tissue morphology. There are a number of block teaching weeks, which takes on a formal system based approach. Basic core knowledge should include a sound working knowledge of basic pathology and the pathology of common systemic diseases. Skills include specimen dissection, microscopy, recognising common diseases, report writing. There is a formal OSPE (Objective Structured Pathological Examination) after 8 months, following which exposure to the key disciplines can be more thoroughly grounded.

Year one of training is spent wholly at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital as it follows a closely prescribed curriculum, with common elements driven through the NHS Histopathology Training School, punctuated by the RCPath OSPE Examination.  A structured teaching programme is delivered, with an introduction to each of the specialties and supplemented by an ‘Approach to cut-up’ day. More information will be given later in this document.

A further detailed explanation on course information can be found in the training handbook.

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