Study Leave

Study Leave Guidance for Histopathology Students

The following is a brief outline of entitlement for study leave for our students. A more in depth look at study leave and annual leave can be found in our 2014 training handbook. Access to education and training away from the workplace is an integral part of the Personal Development Programme for all trainees. Educational events and opportunities are available locally and regionally. Study leave is discretionary, subject to the exigencies of the service. Each trainee is entitled to 30 days study leave per year. Less than full time trainees have their allowance reduced pro-rata.

The study leave in the ST1 year is provided as an integral part of the programme. The expenses are currently paid by the Histopathology ST1 School. Any leave over and above the ST1 programme will only be approved in exceptional circumstances. Trainees do not need to formally apply for this leave, though will need to follow any ST1 School procedures.  The following indicates the embedded ST1 activities, these are essential to training. It also details the ‘pre-authorised’ study leave for ST1 trainees.  The ST1 leave year runs from August to July, to coincide with their first training year but in future years, this will be 1st April to 31st March.

  • RCPath new trainee welcome day – 1 day
  • Regional block teaching (1) – 5 days
  • Cytology block teaching – 5 days
  • Academic training day – 1 day
  • Regional block teaching (2) – 5 days
  • Mock OSPE – 1 day
  • Regional Cytology training day – 1 day
  • RCPath OSPE (including day for travel + 1 private study day) – 3 days

Yorkshire Deanery Postgraduate Histopathology Teaching Programme

Postgraduate Histopathology teaching is provided as a single programme across the Deanery – North and South.  The programme consists of 5 full teaching days over each term.  The ST1 trainees from both Sheffield and Leeds, have combined teaching sessions on Mondays, as soon as possible after commencement in post.  This programme covers the basics as outlined in the RCPath Curriculum 2010 and will be hosted alternatively, by both training centres.  Once they have sat their OSPE, they will attend they FRCPath teaching programme with the more senior trainees.

Annual Leave

For the first two years of training, the entitlement is 5 weeks + 2 lieu days, except where the immediate previous post had a 6 week entitlement, 5 week.

  • SpR1 and 2, STR1 and 2 – 5 weeks +2 lieu days
  • SpR3 and STR 3 and above – 6 weeks + 2 lieu days
  • FY1 and FY2 – 5 weeks + 2 lieu days

Annual leave for ST1 trainees may not be taken during block teaching weeks (except in special circumstances) or on the date of the Histopathology Year 1 Assessment (OSPE).