Our E-learning portal will provide course and support material for students, including case studies.

Cases of the Week

Case studies will be provided here every Friday.  The diagnosis provided by the author will be provided on the following Friday with a brief explanation.

In some cases you should be able to suggest a test/ stain and if correct this may be revealed to you.

You may provide a suggested diagnosis via a link provided.

Fresh Frozen Section case studies

An e-learning module on fresh frozen section is provided here with digitised slides cut and used for frozen sections.

Electron Microscopy

A selection of different digitised electron microscopy photographs is provided here for different conditions that were investigated with electron microscopy from Sheffield’s Histopathology archive provided by the Chief Electron Microscopy Scientist Bart Wagner.

Prostate Biopsy

A short e-learning course will be available here shortly. This will help you to histologically approach the core needle prostate biopsy and reach a reasonable diagnosis.


Digitalised learning autopsy material will be available here. This will include macroscopic autopsy material, case studies including real case scenarios with histology, toxicology and other relevant tests, approach to tricky and complex autopsies.  Videos and pictures will be uploaded.

Up to date guidance and updates will be also uploaded.

Cardiac Pathology

This online course will combine an approach of a live dissection of the heart provided in a video by Dr Kim Suvarna. A selection of case studies and lectures will be also available.

Industrial Lung Disease

A selection of digitised case studies is available here. Approach to industrial related lung disease is provided with e-lectures.

Bone Marrow Trephine Histology

This e-learning module will guide you through bone marrow trephine and provide a reasonable diagnostic approach that is used daily. Case studies will be available.