Staff Information

The Specialist Training Committee oversees the running of the whole scheme on behalf of the Postgraduate Dean and Head of School. This is led by the Chair and Training Programme Director (TPD), currently Dr Yota Kitsanta. Its purpose is to monitor progress and experience of trainees and quality assure the training process. It overviews, discusses and agrees developments of the scheme and minutes are circulated electronically to members, educational supervisors, and any other consultants who request them

Below is a list of the staff involved in the delivery of the histopathology course at Sheffield Royal Hallamshire hospital:

Management Staff

Dr D Wilkinson – Postgraduate Dean

Dr D Scott – Head of School of Pathology

Dr P Taylor – Deputy Postgraduate Dean

Dr P Kitsanta – Training Programme Director (South)

Dr D Scott – Training Programme Director (North)

Dr G Hood – Director of Medical Education

Meet the Faculty

Dr M Fernando, Dr D. Hughes, Dr Fawzia Tahir and Dr S. Morgan – Team 1 Lymphoreticular, Soft Tissue, Urology and Endocrine Pathology

Prof Tim Stephenson, Prof S.Cross, Dr Asha Dube, Dr Patricia Vergani – Team 2 Gastrointestinal and Breast Pathology

Prof Michael Wells,  Dr J Smith, Dr Chris Warren and Dr B. Perunovic- Team 3 Gynaecological Pathology

Dr N.Tiffin, Dr Rokiah Ali and Dr Laura Nichols – Team 4 Skin Pathology

Prof P.Ince and Prof S. Wharton – Neuropathology

Dr M Cohen – Paediatric Pathology

Dr K Suvarna – Cardiothoracic Pathology and Autopsy

Dt Jon Bury, Dr Yota Kitsanta – Cardiothoracic and Gastrointestinal Pathology and Autopsy

Dr Anna Takou – Renal and Gastrointestinal Pathology

Dr S Saleh, Dr Danesh Taraporewalla and Dr Roger Start – Chesterfield Royal Hospital

Dr Suzanne Rogers, Dr Anju Verghese and Dr Rahul Bhobe – Doncaster Royal Infirmary

Prof John Lee – Rotherham District General Hospital


Mrs Anne Helliwell – TPD Administrator Histopathology, RHH